Electric wall heating

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Electric wall heating


€ 3.500

  • Low costs, no maintenance
  • Rapidly reacting heat wall
  • Warm Cozy atmosphere

The combination of clay and electric wall heating creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. You bring the sun into your home in a simple way, at low costs and without maintenance. The electric wall heating consists of cloths made of carbon that can be connected to 36V direct current. This voltage is identical to the delivery of a solar panel. 1 cloth delivers on average between 200 and 250W.

The system can be supplied as a combined set of a number of screens with a transformer of 1200W or 2000W that can be connected to the 220V mains, a thermostat and a temperature sensor.
In total the electric wall heating will be an average investment of approximately 3,500 euros. Ideal for renovation with a wall construction of, for example, wood fiber panels, 2 layers of clay plaster with the cloth plastered in between and finished with clay paint or clay finish.
The wall heating is a quickly reacting heat wall.
Suspension points or wall socket boxes can be screwed into the canvas.

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Electric wall heating
€ 3.500,00

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The clay is a type of soil that can be found all over the world. It is an inorganic soil type and has various applications. Oskam offers clay that is suitable for making building materials.

Built-up electric wall heating