Clay products

The appearance of clay products not only gives your home a warm, natural appearance, it is also beneficial for the environment and your wallet.

Compressed Earth Blocks

Dutch compressed earth blocks are unbaked uniform building blocks pressed from clay containing earth, suitable for use in load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, accumulating walls, heat walls and fin ovens.


Clay plaster / mortar

The clay plaster has a warm brown ocher-like color, dries open without shrinkage and can be used as a smooth finishing layer or as a strong undercoat for finishing with a clay finish.

Clay plaster as a smooth finishing layer

Clay finish

Clay finish colors are made from only natural raw materials. Clay finish comes in natural colors, creating a vibrant wall.

Wall with clay finish

Clay paint

The clay paint from Oskam is based on natural raw materials and free from solvents. The paint is very breathable, elastic, odorless, anti-static and moisture-regulating.

Different choices of clay paint colors

Electric wall warming

Clay and high-tech combined.

Electric wall heating

Characteristics clay products

Clay is a type of soil that can be found all over the world. It is an inorganic soil type and has various applications. Oskam offers clay that is suitable for making building materials.

different types of clay plaster