Clay products

The appearance of clay products not only gives your home a warm, natural appearance, it is also beneficial for the environment and your wallet.

Compressed Earth Blocks

Pressed building blocks suitable for use in load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, accumulating walls, thermal walls and fin ovens.


Clay plaster / mortar

Clay plaster: a nicely pulverized brown mixture as a base layer. Also available with a fiber. Can be used on almost all surfaces.

Clay mortar: the same material, but mixed with coarser sand. To be used as masonry mortar.

Clay plaster as a smooth finishing layer

Clay finish

A diverse range of natural shades as a finishing layer over the brown clay plaster base. The maximum thickness is 3mm. Consider our beautiful Dante White or Canetti Grey.


Clay paint

Can be applied on almost any surface (gypsum, clay plaster, etc.). Available in more than 50 colors such as Wedgewood Green or Tiramisu. The clay paint can be finished with a protective layer against stains.

Different choices of clay paint colors

Floor clay

The floor clay can be made as desired in terms of composition and quantity.


Electric wall warming

Clay and high-tech combined.

Electric wall heating

Additional materials

To be used in combination with the clay products.


Characteristics clay products

Clay is a type of soil that can be found all over the world. It is an inorganic soil type and has various applications. Oskam offers clay that is suitable for making building materials.

different types of clay plaster