Characteristics Compressed Earth Block Machines

The machine is able to produce blocks with 90% of the earth's surface. The capacity of one machine set is 20 small houses per month. The total production costs can be reduced by 20-30%. In addition, one small house saves an average of 15 trees.

Characteristics Compressed Earth Block Machines

Environmentally friendly
The Compressed Earth Block machine is able to produce blocks of high quality and environmentally friendly building material. The blocks are significantly more durable than traditional stone blocks or concrete blocks.

The blocks are pressed instead of baked. This contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
It also eliminates the need to cut trees (or other fossil fuels) that are normally used as fuel for the brick ovens. At the same time, it saves the fertile clay valleys used for the food production of quarries.

The emissions generated from transporting materials to the production site can be eliminated because the entire production can be completed with local raw materials and people on the construction site. At the same time, this creates employment for the local population.

90% of the earth's surface can be used for the production of blocks, mortar and plaster. These are possibly mixed with a minimum amount of clay, lime or cement. The traditional shape of the blocks makes it easy for a blocklayer from any environment to build walls in a sustainable way and to shape the buildings according to the local traditional shape.

The Compressed Earth Blocks are used for load-bearing walls, eliminating the need for concrete pillars or plaster. This saves time and money. In general, this makes the construction process easier.
The blocks are identical in size and quality, only a minimum amount of clay mortar with the addition of cement or lime is required to build a strong load-bearing wall.

The capacity of one machine is 20 small houses per month. The total production cost can be reduced by 20-30% compared to fired blocks or cement blocks.

Product specifications
The machines are made of industrial parts, designed to minimize maintenance. All sets include the machines and tools needed to turn most types of soil into high-quality and identical building blocks.
On-site training in soil selection, production, maintenance and masonry technique is essential.