The Oskam mixers can be used for mixing raw materials. All mixers are capable of mixing clay, sand, water, lime, cement and straw.

This is an 80 liter mixer suitable for mortar

Mixer 80L mortar

From € 2.362

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Mixer 80LW wheelbarrow mixer

From € 1.950

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Mixer for 80 liters suitable for clay plaster with short straw and clay mortar

Mixer 80LR rotor clay plaster with short straw and clay mortar

From € 2.545

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Rotor mixer for easy mixing of clay plaster with short straw, 100 liters / 60% mixing capacity. 2.2

Mixer 100LR rotor Clay plaster with short straw and clay mortar

From € 2.650

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This is a 140 Liter mixer suitable for clay and plaster.

Mixer 140L mortar and plaster

From € 3.041

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Mixer 325LC economy basic model for mortar and plaster

Mixer 325LC economy basic model mortar and plaster

From € 2.945

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Mixer for 325 liters / 1 bale of hemp capacity.

Mixer 325LCH hemp and lime

From € 3.500

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Mixer 325 Liter rotor 60% mixing capacity 5.5 kW / 400V electric motor

Mixer 325LR rotor adobe en cob

From € 6.920

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Mixer 325LA basic model for heavy duty applications

Mixer 325 LA basis model for heavy applications

From € 3.757

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Suitable for adobe, stucco mixes and hempcrete with his eyes. 500 liters / 60% mixing capacity with electric motor

Mixer 500LB basic model adobe, plaster and hempcrete

From € 7.688

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Stationary mixer 800 liters

Stationary Automatic Mixer 800 liters

From € 35.000

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Mobile automatic mixer 800 liters for cement, lime or clay transport. Automatic dosing system with electrical connections to connect conveyor belts for soil, sand, water, straw and cement or lime. Capacity of 32 tons per day. Spraying installation 3m3 funnel with conveyor belt for powdery soil. Mounted on 2 wheels.

Mobile Automatic Mixer type M 11/2 - 800

From € 59.340

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