Art made of clay

Made by Miriam Knibbeler

Project description

In the landscape between Zalk and Kampen, close to the Venedijk, it seems as if a part of the dike body has come loose. But it's too cool for that. What is it? A curve? Legs? Buttocks? A back? Two gigantic 'bodies' entwined with the earth. It's hard to see: do they dissolve into the earth or slowly emerge from it?

Knibbeler: 'Our lives are increasingly taking place on screens, with less and less attention for the physical and earthly. Our society makes great demands on our heads and it is easy to lose contact with your body, and see it mainly as a vehicle, which we only pay attention to when something no longer works.

I see many parallels in how we treat the earth. The illusion of being separate from our bodies and the earth makes us overexploit both. Our relationship with the Earth is in crisis. The philosopher Glenn Albrecht coined the word 'Solastalgia' for the feelings of loss that you can feel: 'Homesickness when you are still at home'.

Can we repair the broken relationship? What do we discover when we literally ground ourselves and don't try to understand everything, but perceive it physically? Will we then feel that what we do to the earth, we also do to ourselves?