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Clay finish

Natural colors Clay finish for durable wall finish inside

Natural colors Clay finish for durable wall finish inside

Have you ever considered a durable indoor wall finish with an environmentally friendly clay finish? This form of wall finish is color and plaster in one and available in various beautiful sand colors. Clay finish from natural raw materials is a unique product and very practical to use. You can read here what clay finish is and how you use it.

What is clay finish?
If you would like to see a wall of basic loam finished in a beautiful different color, you can opt for a clay finish from natural raw materials as a top layer. This product is plaster and color in one and has moisture and heat regulating properties, with the advantage that it provides coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. Another big advantage of using an environmentally friendly clay finish for the wall finish is that it improves indoor acoustics.

Clay finish from natural raw materials
Environmentally friendly clay finish consists of different types of sand and colored clay and contains no chemical color pigments or additives. The product is healthy for people and nature. Because the clay finish consists of natural raw materials, this product, unlike most construction products, does not cause irritation to the respiratory tract or skin.

Application of clay finish
Clay finish is practical to use and can be used as a finish for interior walls. Clay finish can be applied on a flat surface, such as plasterboard or other “wallpaper-ready” walls. It can also serve as a finishing layer for basic loam. For an optimal heat and moisture regulating effect, you need a basic loam surface of 1.5 to 3 cm. You can apply a thin layer of 2 to 3 mm clay finish over this. Is the environmentally friendly clay finish applied to a smooth plastered wall? Then a thickness of 3 mm is desirable. A thickness of 2 mm is suitable for a wall where sanding is still going to take place.

Clay finish is easy to apply. Whether you are a professional plasterer or handy home handyman: you don't need a lot of equipment to achieve a good result: clay finish, basic clay plaster/mortarand a plaster chip. You mix the clay finish with water and keep stirring until a homogeneous mass is formed. Moisten the surface before applying the clay finish. This prevents mixing with dust particles.

Different clay finish colors
The product is available in various clay finish colors in beautiful earth tones. Common clay finish colors are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Ocher
    These environmentally friendly clay finish is made with natural materials and colors can often be mixed. Mutually or by adding pigment.