Stationary set


Here you can see the Compressed earth block machine semi-automatic in the workshop of oskam v/f in Lekkerkerk.
  • Hydraulic manually operated
  • Fits in combination with a grinding machine in a 20ft container
  • Training of personnel on location offered

For production at a fixed location, Oskam offers a stationary machine set. The machine is manually operated hydraulically with an automatic dosage and filling by means of a conveyor belt. The stationary set is often used in combination with an 800-liter automatic mixer or a 500-liter standard mixer dosed manually.

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The stationary set consists of:
  • Compressed Earth Block Machine (incl. Hydraulic unit and roller conveyor)
  • Automatic dosage computer
  • Conveyor belt
  • Pulverizer 7.5KW
  • Spray dosing system
  • Mixer 500 liters dosed manually
  • *Option Customized generator + trailer for generator
  • *Option pulverizer 11KW
Machine Set Capacity:

Time: 1 hour
Blocks: 360
Square meters: 11m2

Time: 1 week
Blocks: 10.000
Square meters: 300m2

General information

The Stationary Set (semi-automatic) comes with maintenance tools and a set of spare parts for the different machines.

On-site training in soil selection, production, maintenance and masonry technique is essential.

The different machines and components can be combined with each other (capacity increase, automation)


Stationary set (semi-automatic)

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Characteristics Compressed Earth Block Machines

The machine is able to produce stones with 90% of the earth's surface. The capacity of one machine set is 20 small houses per month. The total production costs can be reduced by 20-30%. In addition, one small house saves an average of 15 trees.

Men in a dry landscape working with compressed earth blocks to eventually build a good and sturdy building.