Stationary set


A Compressed Earth Block Machine with 6 conveyor belts, crusher, spray dosing system and mobile mixer
  • Includes PLC
  • Fits in combination with a crusher and generator in a 20ft container
  • Training of staff on location offered

A single Compressed Earth Block with conveyor and automatic dosing equipment to be used in combination with an 800 liter automatic mixer, grinding machine and additional conveyor belts. The machine is operated fully automatically in combination with the fully automatic dosage and filling by means of a conveyor belt.

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The Stationary Set consists of:
  • Compressed Earth Block Machine (incl. Hydraulic unit and roller conveyor)
  • Automatic dosage computer Programmable logic controller (PLC) for operating the Compressed Earth Block Machine
  • 6 Conveyor belts
  • Pulverizer 11KW
  • Spray dosing system
  • Mobile Mixer 800 liters dosed automatically
  • *Option dust extractor mixing machine
  • *Option Vacuum lifter for stacking the blocks
Machine Set Capacity:

Time: 1 uur
Blocks: 390
Square meters: 12m2

Time: 1 week
Blocks: 14.000
Square meters: 425m2

*This data is based on the block size of 295 x 140 x 90mm (40-100mm) and 2-5 workers.

General information

The Stationary Set (automatic) comes with maintenance tools and a set of spare parts for the different machines.

On-site training in soil selection, production, maintenance and masonry technique is essential.

The different machines and components can be combined with each other (Capacity increase, automation).


Stationary Set (automatic)

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Characteristics Compressed Earth Block Machines

The machine is able to produce stones with 90% of the earth's surface. The capacity of one machine set is 20 small houses per month. The total production costs can be reduced by 20-30%. In addition, one small house saves an average of 15 trees.

an example of a building made with compressed earth blocks, the building is sturdy and heat-accumulating