Dosage conveyor belt type 2

The conveyor belts can be used for soil, sand, fibers, agricultural products, etc.

Doseer transportband type 2 opengeklapt


€ 8.395

  • Foldable
  • Minimum dimensions for transport
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable in height
Product specifications
  • 0.75kW / 400V
  • 400 mm strap width
  • 4.25 m long
  • Including dosing funnels
  • Choice of smooth tire or profile tire
  • Special adjustments possible
    • Option 5.25 long


Dosage conveyor belt type 2
€ 8.395,00
€ 8.960,00

Characteristics Compressed Earth Block Machines

The machine is able to produce stones with 90% of the earth's surface worldwide. The capacity of one machine set is 20 small houses per month. The total production costs can be reduced by 20-30%. In addition, one small house saves an average of 15 trees.

De transportbanden zijn te gebruiken voor aarde, zand, vezels, landbouwproducten etc.