Floor clay

The floor clay can be made as desired in terms of composition and quantity.



€ 220

  • The floor clay is coarse and mixed with the right moisture
  • In big bags and sealed with plastic to keep the moisture in the mixture

The floor clay has a warm brown ocher-like color, dries open without shrinkage, and can be used as a floor.

The floor clay is coarse and mixed at the correct humidity and sealed in big bags and with plastic to retain the moisture in the mixture.

The mixture can be stored for a limited time because otherwise the moisture is no longer homogeneous in the clay.The floor clay is immediately ready for use; Spread over the surface and compact in two layers.
The floor clay is made from only natural raw materials.

The clay plaster from Oskam originates from a boulder clay from the Hondsrug in the Netherlands, this is a deposit from the last ice age. It is a loop of clay mixed with a warm-colored boulder clay. The clay naturally contains flint, limestone and various other types of stone.
The clay is dried in a natural way with sun and wind.
The only treatment the clay undergoes is that it is dried and pulverized (both done at Oskam), in this process the larger stones and boulders are removed manually. Then, depending on the application, it is mixed with sand or various fibers.
If interested, Oskam also has available processors.


Floor clay 1000 kg

The flooring clay can be made as desired in terms of composition and quantity.

€ 215,00

Characteristics clay products

Clay is a type of soil that can be found all over the world. It is an inorganic soil type and has various applications. Oskam offers clay that is suitable for making building materials.