Ecotec Clay-Protect

Transparent finishing layer on top of the clay paint or clay finish to prevent dirt and sandy dust.



€ 34.66

  • Resistance to dirt
  • Makes clay paint washable
  • No sandy dust from the clay

Ecotec Clay-Protect is a finishing layer for clay paint so that it can be washed and offers better resistance to dirt. On a clay finish, Clay-Protect will fix the clay surface so that there is less chance of sandy dust. This product contains no acrylates or solvents, which results in a VOC-free product and therefore contributes to a healthy living environment.

The color of the Clay-Protect is transparent, slightly darkening, satin-gloss & depending on concentration

Water, cellulose, acetic acid ester, silica marl, synthetic preservative.

Drying time:
Dust dry after 1 – 2 hours; paintable after 6-12 hours

Depending on concentration: +/- 20-30m² / L

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Clay protect

Protective layer for the reinforcement of new plaster layers, specifically the fixation of clay plasters and clay paint. Ensures good washability while retaining vapor permeability. Can be diluted.

0.75 liters = for 15-25m²
2.5 liters = for 75-100m²

€ 34,66
€ 104,91

Characteristics Clay Products

The Oskam Clay comes from Dutch soil and is sustainably produced by means of solar energy. Our 100% natural clay products create a non-toxic and pleasant indoor climate.