Building made of clay bricks

Sustainable living with Clay plaster, Mortar and Floor clay

Sustainable living with Clay plaster, Mortar and Floor clay

Would you like to live sustainably at home? Or want your home in a sustainable way
to renovate? Read on to find out how to use environmentally friendly clay plaster,
clay mortar and clay floors can make your home sustainable.

What is environmentally friendly clay plaster?
Clay plaster is an age-old material that is used to clad walls and
walls. Clay plaster is made from natural raw materials: clay, sand and
water. This ensures that the walls and walls in the house are poison-free. In addition, clay plaster
non-flammable and has moisture and heat regulating properties. Clay plaster and
clay mortars are available in different colors such as red and brown / ocher.
An extra tip: The environmentally friendly clay plaster can also be used for finishing
a bee hotel or insect hotel. Clay plaster bags are available for these smaller orders
25 kilograms.

What does clay consist of?
The basic ingredient of clay plaster is loam, but what is loam? Like sand and gravel is loam
granular degradation material. Loam contains larger particles of clay and sometimes also shells
and humus or wood. Sometimes clay is mixed with lime to make it waterproof. Clay
consists only of 100% natural materials and also produces little waste and brings
no extra energy costs.

What is mortar?
Mortar is used in clay mortar, but what is mortar? Mortar is also called grout and consists of binders, additives and water. Often it becomes lime or an
combination of cement and lime used as a binder. Oskam adds a little
amount of hydraulic lime to fix the mortar water. As an additive
in most cases sand is used from Dutch rivers. Due to the binder, the
Adding additives and water will cause the grains to stick together and form the mortar
ready for use, you can mix this in a mixer. Oskam's clay mortar becomes
made from only natural raw materials. Ideal to use in an environmentally friendly way
build your house.

Clay floor in the house.
Do you want a warm, brown ocher-like floor in the house or in the shed? Then view our option
for a clay floor. Because the clay is made of 100% natural materials, there will be
no poison in the house and you are also environmentally responsible. The boulder clay that Oskam uses comes from the Hondsrug in the Netherlands.