High quality and environmentally friendly building material




Compressed earth blocks (CEB) are not fired. They contribute to reducing the carbon emissions.

Compressed earth blocks can be made out of many types of earth, mixed with a minimum of lime or cement and are heavily compacted.


Building with compressed earth blocks instead of fired bricks will stop the need to cut down trees for fuel for the ovens. At the same time it saves the fertile clay valleys used for food production from excavation.

Load-bearing walls can be made from compressed earth blocks. No concrete pillars and plastering is necessary, saving money and building time. In general it makes the building process less complicated.


The traditional form of the blocks makes it easy for a bricklayer in any environment to build sustainable walls to any specifications.


The blocks are identical in size and quality so only a thin bed of earth mortar  is needed to make a strong load-bearing wall. The same earth is used for the mortar as for the blocks.

The capacity of one machine is up to 20 small houses a month. The total building costs can be reduced by 20-30% in comparison with fired bricks or cement blocks.

The production and building uses local earth and local people. This creates jobs and reduces  transport and costs.

The compressed earth block machine is a tool for the construction of low cost and comfortable shelter in rural areas, which can operate independant from an existing infrastructure.


The regulation of the indoor climate (moister and temperature) is a natural property of earth block walls.