The BEKKASINEN wood stove is famous in Scandinavia. It is a stove without frills, designed in detail at the time by the Danish Heidemij with an eye on a short warming-up period and a high yield. The BEKKASINEN can easily burn for twelve hours on one filling.


BEKKASINEN is double-sided and is manufactured from steelplate. The stove is oval-shaped and stands on three legs. The air regulating screw, the filling hole and the hole for the flue gas are the top. The BEKKASINEN is also suitable for burning sawdust and wood shavings because the air hole is at the top.

The ash layer forms the insulation at the bottom. A grid, ash drawer or stones are not necessary. The ash only needs to be emptied two to four times a year depending on the type of wood burnt.

The high yield of maximal 80% is possible through the horizontal positioning of the wood so that the air can only be obtained from above, by the oval shape and by the excellent airtightness.

Only the parts that move in respect to each other are made of cast iron: the filling hole lid, regulating screw and the rings that these parts fall into. The ring around the filling hole is turned conically and fixed to the steel top by both screws and rivets.

The short warming up period for the room is due especially to the double walls which ensure very good convection, but also the material: steelplate instead of thick cast iron, and of course the fact that wood burns fiercely in no time with a sufficient supply of oxygen.

The pipes of the BEKKASINEN are pushed into each other from above so that any condensation remains on the inside of the pipe. A well-insulated, possibly double-sided chimney flue is recommended to prevent too much deposit in the chimney flue.

BEKKASINEN is manufactured in four sizes. The most usual model is the number 3 with a capacity of 60 litres. It is suitable for heating sitting rooms of about 45 square meters.

The stove is supplied with a safety fuse, poker, small ash shovel, magnetic pipe thermometer and a tube of stove blacking. A smooth cooking plate, the stove pipes, various types of flue bends, wall boxes with collar and various sizes of oval floor sheets can be supplied as extras.

With its simple design this Danish wood stove can be easily fitted into various interiors as a piece of furniture.

The BEKKASINEN is also perfect for burning sawdust and wood shavings because the air hole is at the top.





kW   10-20 8-15  3-8 2-5
room capacity m³ outgoing
of room temperature  
400   375 140 100
weight in kg     67 55 33   23
The BEKKASINEN wood stove is CE approved in accordance with the Dutch standards EN 13240:2001 and EN13240 A2:2004, also for continuous use.