Source: "The Big Wood Stove Guide" by Ruud Rook

The originals
A serious stove has to be functional. The functionality must however never interfere with the appearance that is as attractive as possible. And in respect to the appearance, stove producers have figuratively tied themselves in knots to make the most original creations possible.

An art historian, who is familiar with stove design, has been able to recognise Classicism, Neo-Gothic, Empire, Biedermeier, Art Nouveau and New Objectivity in the design of the stove. Cast iron Classic and Neo-Gothic stoves were produced according to his classification up until the end of the last century. The Biedermeier from Lange until recently. The Belle Epoque from Godin is an Art Nouveau stove that suddenly



appeared on the stove market in 1982, after being away for a half century. The Bekkasinen from carpenter Bech is always referred to as 'the` classic example of a New Objectivity stove in Danish literature. Indeed this steelplate stove descends from 1927, and it meant a modest turnaround in the area of stove design because it's beauty is only due to its shape, and not to any frills, furbelows or wrought-iron work.

Since then the area of stove design has changed somewhat - even if these changes were only noticeable in the 1970s. The time was then ripe in Denmark - and the progressive technology provided the production opportunities and 'materials - for plainly-designed steelplate stoves, functional but not looking like a safe or an anthracite-coloured dish washer. These stoves became an important Danish export article. Their design was considered so important, good and trend-setting that the Danish Design Council awarded the Fyrtønden stove by designer Hans Dall from 1969 and the Rais stoves from Bent Falk the DD (Danish Design) label - a recognition of the unity of function and beauty of the design of these products. Stove designers are as appreciated in Denmark as well-known writers are appreciated here. Denmark started to execute `design`, and the whole world became an eager customer.